2001, Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the middle of a serious social and political crisis. Marcelo, a writer who became a police journalist, works in a large Argentine newspaper. One afternoon, he learns of the death of his father, a devoted intellectual and ex-militant of the political resistance, of whom Marcelo has been for some time, deeply estranged. The strange conditions of that death force him to return to the last moments of his father’s life. Everything indicates that some writings in which he was working, to denounce a plot of corruption and violence of ex-comrades of militancy, would be the reason for his death. The race without truce, to find those roles and avoid the danger that haunts not only him, but also his family, submerges him in a dark world, full of violence and ambitions of power. The truth that comes to light, reconciles him with the memory of his father, and with himself.

Directed by Alberto Masliah

Starring Pablo Rago | Calu Rivero | Roberto Carnaghi | Gerardo Romano

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