Eustaquio and Heriberto are two altar boys that live in a small and isolated church located in the middle of the jungle. They are both around forty years old and were abandoned in their childhood. They grew up as brothers under the tutelage of Father Roberto , an elderly priest who was their mentor. Now, at the end of his life, they must protect and take care of him. Eustaquio pretends to be in command of the church and Heriberto only thinks about Maria S., a beautiful and enigmatic young woman that barely pays attention to him. These young men face their first existential crisis that leads them to launch a risky plan, a heavenly plan…. Obviously, things don’t happen according to their plan, and destiny will solve the lives of these antihéroes.
The Heavenly Plan is a film that, in a comedy tone, allows us to investigate complex and uncomfortable subjects, using laughter as a reflection tool.

Directed by Victor Laplace

Starring Victor Laplace | Gastón Pauls | Javier Lester | Paula Sartor

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