Román is a policeman that believes in goodness and beauty of small things while he strives to live in harmony, without getting in conflict with a world that he considers full of chaos and corruption. That's why he spends his time carving and molding his little world just as he does with his body. Everyday he works as a policeman with his partner Lucas, buys a book a week, attends the temple and has breakfast in the same bar. But one day, an incident leads him to discover that everything is stained, all aspects of his micro world are connected in the worst way and seem to suffocate him. People from the temple he attends regularly appropriated his best friend's house… in the gym where he trains, cocaine is being sold… his partner performs dubious jobs, and all with the complicity of the commissar. Roman realizes that he is alone and surrounded, and the only tool he has is just himself.

Directed by Eduardo Meneghelli

Starring Gabriel Peralta Rangel | Carlos Portaluppi | Nazareno Casero | Horacio Roca | Arnaldo André | Aylin Prandi