Hidden desires unfold into a building. Lucy hides her son’s paternity, she needs to split up with her mom and will pay any cost, Gaby and Mariano live together but they keep secrets, they’re lost, they aren’t even able to see each other. Monica and Sergio raise Aquiles, a dog, as if it were a child, until she starts to feel the desire to become a mother. Lorenzo shows his sadomasochist side to the wrong person and despite La Rusa and Mercedes don’t speak the same language, they run away together with the hope that their dreams would come true. Stories crossover and when the door of their hidden desires is opened no one will be the same.

Directed by Alejandra Marino

Starring Luisa Kuliok | Bimbo | Victoria Carreras | Dario Levy | Raquel Ameri | Florencia Salas | Luciana Barrirero | Joaquin Ferrucci | Pablo Razuk

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