Payaguala is a tehuelche descent who lives alone, retired on
a ranch lost in the Patagonia mountain range. His existence
is mainly based on work and care for their land. With great
aptitude for music and crafts, he survives playing his music
in a hostel exclusively for tourists.. He keeps a working relationship
and deep friendship with Felipe, sharing good times
together where each one feels comfortable with the personality
of the other. One day, the Argentinian Gendarmerie
brings him a big parcel. It's a box marked with the national
emblem and sent by the Ministry of Social Development. It
contains a satellite TV set powered by solar energy. Since the
first image he watchs, Payaguala begins to suffer a change
that will affect his life and his way of looking the world.

Directed by Simón Franco
Starring Nicolás Saavedra | Ricardo Fernández | Oscar Payaguala