One night. An assault. A brutal taking hostages. A real hell time starts inside a big shop threatening the fate and life of customers and employees . A wild criminal and lost young man, determined not to surrender to the police, seeks to find a way to escape. The local manager tries to negotiate. But
nothing is quite what it seems. Behind the bars of this shop the story will keep on going toward an inevitable end and into the past of the characters, trying to answer an uncomfortable question: who is really the victim and who the executioner?

Directed by Nicolás Lidijover
Starring Nacho Gadano | Nicolás Goldschmidt | Julieta Vallina | Susana Cart | Pablo Ini | Alfredo Catellani | Guadalupe Docampo | Santiago Ríos | Daniel Campomenosi | Arturo Bonín | Martín Schapochnik