Leo J , actor and singer, receives inheritance an old house. In it, he finds documents concerning a strange ” anti-Argentine campaign ” carried forward from the rudiments of the Argentina nation by a group known as the Masonic Lodge Cisneros. Such persistent conspiracy , has been triggering a series of dramatic events involving famous characters and great popular idols. While getting involved , Leo J suffers firsthand the consequences of that plot. In a conspire –
paranoid atmosphere, this acidic comedy, intersperses archival materials with fictional scenes , bringing figures as Carlos Gardel and Diego Maradona. A peculiar and remarkable film that shows Argentinean idiosyncrasy and its eternal contradictions.

Directed by Alejandro Parysow

Starring Juan Gil Navarro

Special participation Adrián Suar | Nancy Duplá | Andy Kusnetzoff | Claudio Rissi